BREAKING: Special Edition of ‘Passenger’ ARCs will be at BEA!

Alexandra Bracken has just announced that ARCs for her upcoming book will be available at BEA. Alex announced it via her Tumblr. She says that these will be very very special editions of the Passenger ARCs.

The Passenger ARCs will be distributed during a special signing at 9:30am in the Disney booth #2757 on Thursday, May 28th.

Check out her cool announcement:





My editor emailed me yesterday to give me the good news that they’ve decided to do a special edition/limited early run of advance reader copies of PASSENGER for BEA! They’re printing 200 in all, which will be distributed during an in-booth (#2757) signing I’m doing on Thursday the 28th starting at 9:30 AM. From what I understand, this is the only chance you’ll have to grab one at BEA/BookCon, but there might be a few extras depending on how many people queue up for them. Seriously, go thank Editor Em (@sourskittle on Twitter) for moving mountains to make this happen!!

There will definitely be more ARCs this summer! I want to emphasize these are truly specialearly ARCs. They are being printed from an earlier, uncopyedited draft of PASSENGER than what you would normally see in ARC form–it was the only way to get them in time for BEA. I’m so freaking thrilled my publisher loves the story and I’m so stinkin’ excited to share it, but the unrelenting perfectionist in me wants you to know there will be typos/places I missed switching 1st POV to 3rd and tweaks and cuts made between this version of the ARC and the later one (and, of course, the final book when it publishes in January). It’s not a big deal, but I wanted to give you a head’s up in case you see a review or something that mentions something you don’t remember.  K?

If you miss the ARC giveaway, there will also be chapter samplers and rather awesome PASSENGER swag (!!!) at the Disney booth–just ask one of the nice folks you see there!

If you can’t make the signing on Thursday, I’ll be doing something really fun during my signing of IN THE AFTERLIGHT on Friday, May 29th, from 1-2 PM at Table 5 in the signing area. Get ready for #PassengerHunt!!! More details on that soon–it’s safe to say, though, my UPS guy will extra hate me this week. :3 (By the way, the copies of ITA will be free and I’m happy to sign copies you bring from home!)

And if you’re coming to BookCon on Saturday, May 30th, I’m on a panel in room 1A talking STAR WARS with my buds Tom Angleberger, Tony DiTerlizzi, Adam Gidwitz from 2-3PM and then we’re signing our samplers of our Star Wars books from 3:30-4:30 PM. If you can’t make the signings on the 28th or 29th, you are welcome to bring your TDM books with you to this signing event!

I hope I see you guys there!!

Unfortunately we will not be at BEA this year. Will you be attendance at BEA?


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